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Be part of a new anti-capitalist movement creating organic community-supermarkets!


42 cents of every euro you spend ends up as profit on the bank accounts of very few individuals.

You think that’s unfair? We think so, too. That’s why robinhood stores donate no less than 100% of profits and operate in the interest of humanity. Our profit goes exclusively to combating extreme poverty and climate change.

Be a pioneer of our revolution: with a monthly contribution of 1% of your income or 3 h of work, you’ll become a member of our community, receiving up to 20% discount on every purchase!

What we do:

Donate all profits

We donate 100% of our profits. 
This approach has strong sociopolitical potential:
If only 3.4% of companies worldwide donated their profits like robinhood stores do, we could end extreme poverty at once.

Redistribute power

Let's put the rule of the richest behind us!
Our community-supermarkets function as sophisticated democratic systems. Every member can participate in transparent decision-making.

Act on our claims - together

We gather people who understand that change needs action more than words. As a growing community, we aim to open more and more stores with increasing frequency.

Where to find us:

First store in

Since May 2019 we supply 100 regular customers near Eberswalde with a full range of organic products.

Mobile store

For the past year you could find us each Saturday on Herrfurthplatz-market in Neukölln.

Now open: Our
Neukölln Store

Check out our brand new Berlin store in
Altenbraker Str 15 in Körnerkiez.
Mon-Sat 10:30 - 20 h.
Since Nov '20

Join our new store in Berlin Neukölln:

Think welfare economics globally, act locally!

Be part of our Neukölln-community with


join our pioneer community in Neukölln with


Your benefits as member of the robinhood-community:

Get up to 20% discount and a 138% mood boost on every purchase

Create a participative "Kiez"-hub: we are more than a grocery shop

Be at the heart and start of an economic revolution

How it works:

Everyone makes a small contribution

With a monthly contribution of 1% of our income or 3 hours of work in the store, you become part of the community!
As we have to do one-time investments to run the store, we ask everyone to pay a 50€ credit once. You can then use it for your shopping in the store.

We gather a solid community to run the store

Go tell it on the mountain!
The more people hear about our vision, the more pioneers we gather, the faster we can change our economy to the better.

Save up to 20% on your grocery shopping

This is the first time you can actually save money while saving the world!

A collective space where you have a say

Make your boldest ideas come alive in our store-space. From art & cultural events to leftover-cuisine and pancake parties.

Stop climate change and extreme poverty together!

We donate 100% of our profits.
If a mere 3.4% of companies donated their profits like robinhood, we could end extreme poverty at once.

One third of donations go to each of these purposes:

GiveDirectly, eine Organisation die Menschen unter der Armutsgrenze in Kenia und Uganda direkte Geldzahlungen leistet und dadurch selbstbestimmte, schnelle und extrem kosteneffektive Wege aus der Armut ermöglicht.
CoolEarth gibt der lokalen Bevölkerung an den Orten, wo der Regenwald am meisten bedroht ist, die benötigten Ressourcen, um den Wald selbst zu schützen und sparen damit nachweisliche das meiste CO² je gespendetem Euro ein.
Das Ziel für ein Drittel der Spenden können alle aus der Community individuell über unsere Mitgliederplattform festlegen.

GiveDirectly makes direct payments to people below the poverty line in Kenya and Uganda, thereby enabling self-determined, fast and extremely cost-effective ways out of poverty.

Cool Earth acts in places where the rainforest is most threatened. Local populations are given resources to protect the forest on their own. This approach demonstrably saves the most CO² per euro donated.

You determine where the last third of donations goes to: everyone in the robinhood community can set the target via our member platform.

Join us now:


  • You set up a direct debit and we will start collecting your contribution at the beginning of the following month.
  • Your contribution can be canceled or paused at any time. No problem.



  • At the beginning most tasks will be simple: cashing in, filling shelves, etc.
  • Get to know new people from your “Kiez”: We’ll plan shifts in pairs as much as possible.
  • Use your robinhood.store as platform for your own sub-projects, such as starting a leftover kitchen to avoid food waste.


One-off payment

On average, each pioneer has to deposit € 50 credit to enable us to cover our start-up costs, e.g. ordering products and enlarging the range. This credit will then be paid out to you over the first 12 months, i.e. € 4.17 per month.

In order to include people in the community who cannot afford to advance € 50, there is a solidarity-option. If you feel financially comfortable with it, you can deposit more credit. This enables others to deposit less.


Altenbraker Str. 15, 12053 Berlin

between Körnerpark and Tempelhofer Feld!

Opening times:

Monday – Saturday 10:30 – 20 h


Robinhood store in Berlin-Neukölln will be all organic. We clearly prefer organic foods to conventional ones.

However, future store start-up communities could of course make compromises in this regard. Welfare economics should be implemented limitless in all kinds of stores and companies, instead of addressing only  5% of people who do all of their shopping organically.

Above all, we strive to promote ethical and local production oriented towards the common good. However, we will not limit our offer to delicacies hardly anyone chooses  to afford. For now, this means that we do not exclude “capitalist” producers and middlemen for the first branches. This compromise makes sense, since it allows us to take the first steps on a path that eventually makes anti-capitalist production possible in the long term.

Don’t hesitate to suggest products and local suppliers. We are happy to keep evolving and improving!

Our members can learn to do all tasks eventually. Most shifts, however, will take care of day-to-day processes, such as refilling shelves or cashing in. Further tasks then depend mostly on your interests, skill set and ideas.

We are excited to see how far the community’s willingness will go to engage in new projects together, beyond the store. The vision of a movement that works together to solve global problems will not be limited to two shops for long. In the medium term, we plan to invest a third of our funds in new projects managed by the community. Members will be able to apply for funds for their own projects. These funds are not necessarily cash, but may also be working hours from the community.

You want to do a small performace in the store? You have a new product suggestion? You found a great armchair for our coffee chill out spot by the window? Your participation is most welcome and small decisions like these can easily be taken by yourself. There will be a shop management as contact person. 

Larger decisions involving the resources of the store, such as collective solidary cooking with shift staffing, or completely new ideas like “I want to cut hair in your back room”, will be taken by the store management. In the interests of all members, the management can preselect ideas and schedule shifts.

In case of dissent, the member council has the final say in a two-thirds majority. The member council consists of randomly selected members, changing annually and convoked if necessary. In consensus with the management of robinhood, the member council will also designate future store managers.

Since November 21st, 2020 we sell delicious organic food in our great new store in Neukölln. We are already looking forward to using the space for KÜFAs (solidary cooking) and community meetings as soon as the Corona situation allows. There will also be a coffee corner (at the moment, consumption is only allowed “to go”).

The more everyone helps to spread the idea and to inspire friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, the faster we can carry our vision to other neighbourhoods. We hope to open further robinhood.stores in Berlin in 2021.

We donate one third each to Give Directly, one third to  Cool Earth and one third to NGOs chosen by the robinhood community. We selected the first two NGOs based on criteria of Give Well and Effective Altruism: Two organisations that evaluate the effectiveness of charitable NGOs. That means: via our donations we solve the world’s most pressing problems with the most measurably effective means.

The last third, freely selectable by the community, will pressumably be set in an online poll once the store has opened and the first wave of donations is possible. You will find more information here.

There will be employed staff in the store and we will have to cover all of our expenses, e.g. rent, wages and investments.
Wages are limited to € 1500 per month. According to initial calculations that have yet to be professionalized, this is the maximum amount every person can earn without living on someone else’s loss. So far we have been paying wages well below this limit, in order to donate more.

The overarching goal of robinhood.store is an all-encompassing conversion of the economy, leading away from capitalism and towards welfare economics. A single store cannot bring about that revolution. What we need is a whole movement in order to make our anticapitalist “alternative” a serious competitor to fat supermarket chains.
In order to achieve this ambitious goal as soon as possible, we primarily allow our capacities to flow into the growth of this movement.
Therefore, 95% of the income (e.g. sales, membership fees) minus operating expenses (e.g. rent, salaries for shop assistants) are reinvested in order to meet our vision, e.g. in setting up new stores, developing strategies, opening up new business areas, finding partners and expanding the member community. The remaining 5% count as pure profit and are donated directly.
If we compare our current capitalist system to an illness, robinhood’s cure relies to 95% on prevention and 5% on pain relief. Donations are acute “symptom relief” for those who suffer most from our sick economic system, namely people in the global south and our environment. The majority, however, flows into long-term and profound change or “prevention”: the more shops and industries will function according to the robinhood principle, the greater the absolute amount of direct donations will be. At the same time, this sort of direct symptom relief will becomes less and less necessary the more companies operate socially fair and environmentally sustainable.

Thanks to our members’ support, we have a very low-risk business model that covers all running costs. Voluntary work makes an additional contribution. Depending on how much sales we make, there may be less profit than usual in retail. However, our concept has the power to outperform the competition in financial terms, which makes our ambitious goal of ending poverty and climate change all the more likely.

You could definitely define it that way. At first, we can only donate profits at our starting level, that is in retail. In the long term, we would like to grow into all economic areas (e.g. production) and install cooperations that provide anti-capitalist alternatives.

What we are offering is a roadmap to an anti-capitalist economy. Obviously, we will not instantly reach a place that we have yet to create. But with every new self-organized project that acts in humanity’s instead of capital’s interests, we come one step closer to this goal.

The German legal system does not recognize us as non-profit structure, as we indeed do generate profits. Donating them to others is not considered “non-profit” according to German law. The existing store in Eberswalde is run as sole proprietorship. We plan to change this legal status, probably in conjunction with the Purpose Foundation, so as to contractually exclude both saleability and private profit. Our structure resembles that of a cooperative, in which all members are also co-owners, although we will forego full assemblies.

Every contribution is most welcome. Click on the buttons on the website to participate and you will be led to an online form that allows you to adjust and combine your contributions of both time and money. 

If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact us using the button at the bottom right! Otherwise all we can say is: What we are setting up here is nothing less than an opportunity to finally shape our culture in a way we have always dreamed of. Instead of complaining about unchangeable structures, we need the courage to get together and push development now.


Neukölln, wir kommen!

Wir haben die letzten Wochen viele Zahlen geschoben, Strategien entworfen und unsere Seite komplett gerelauncht, jetzt ist es soweit:
Die Kampagne für die Neuköllner Pionier-Community geht an den Start!
An den Anfang scrollen

robinhood//store Eberswalde

Erste Filiale und Versuchslabor

Die erste kleine Filiale bei Eberswalde ist für unser Team ideal zum Sammeln von Know-How im konkreten Betrieb des Lebensmitteleinzelhandels. Ausgelegt auf das Wohnprojekt Spechthausen testen wir viele neue Ideen und nutzen den Raum als Versuchslabor für die nächsten Schritte. 

mobiler robinhood//store Berlin

Der erste Schritt nach Berlin

Die beste Gelegenheit uns in Neukölln kennen zu lernen ist in unserer mobilen Filiale auf dem Wochenmarkt am Herrfurthplatz. Jeden Samstag von 10 bis 16 Uhr verkaufen wir hier Trockenwaren und unterhalten uns über die Vision, die Ziele und Schritte die vor uns liegen.

Am Markt gibt es auch jetzt schon die Möglichkeit vergünstigt Produkte zu beziehen.


"Es ist nicht genug zu wollen - man muss auch tun." - Goethe

Stell jetzt mit uns den Kapitalismus auf den Kopf!

Wähle deinen Beitrag*:

*mind. 1% deines monatlichen Einkommens

Zusammenfassung - Was deine Unterstützung für dich bedeutet

1. Du unterstützt den Aufbau der robinhood.stores monatlich mit einem Betrag deiner Wahl. Der Betrag sollte sich an deinem Einkommen orientieren. Wir empfehlen mindestens 1% deines Einkommens für den Aufbau einer fairen Wirtschaft zu nutzen.

2.. Sobald du zwei Freunde aktiviert hast, kannst du als Dankeschön soviel bei uns zum Großhandelspreis einkaufen, bis du das 1,5fache deiner Spende wieder eingespart hast. Danach zahlst du den restlichen Monat wieder den Normalpreis.

3. Dein monatlichen Dankeschön-Grundeinkauf kannst du samstags 10-16 Uhr bei unserem Stand auf dem Wochenmarkt am Herrfurthplatz in Neukölln erledigen.

4. Du kannst jederzeit deine Unterstützung wieder beenden .​


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